Taste of Malawi e.V.

Taste of Malawi is a young tailoring project in the warm heart of Africa, supporting local women on their way to independence.
They receive a tailoring training and business workshops, enabling them to start their own tailoring business. Furthermore, the project offers them a broad network, which allows them to meet and connect with women, who are in the same situation. Hence, it is not only an educational institution but also a home-like safe place. Taste of Malawi also keeps advising women after they have completed their training program.

Since October 2018 I am happy to be part of the Taste of Malawi team. Together with two other tailors I work on new products, patterns, production instructions, trainings and the qualiy control.

I had the great opportunity to spend some time in the workshop in Malawi. This gave me the opportunity to get to know the tailors personally, to get a precise insight into the working methods and to improve the quality of our products.