The women’s wearPrêt-à-porter collection "Samsara" was developed from the preset topic "Ready for New Adventure" of the 6th semester.

The collection is characterized by colorful prints combined with clean lines.
Samsara means constant change and the search for salvation. The aim is to discharge from the predefined cycle. The break from the accustomed and the foreseeable is the basis for every adventure.
The wheel of life illustrates the Samsara. At the center are the three mental powers symbolized by animals: a rooster, a snake and a pig.
The overcoming of this mental illness is represented by the colour white and sorrow by the colour black.

The collection plays with the strong contrasts of the wheel of life, and combines these with prints and applications.
"Samsara" addresses fun-loving, curious women who dare to wear colors and want  to break free from everyday live and stand out from the crowd.


This collection was not implemented.