Light Upon

For the haute couture collection of the 3rd semester, the topic "networked worlds" was given. 


The collection „Light Upon“deals with the question ‘What comes next?‘ since this is the principle of today's society. No matter what is achieved, explored and invented everyone strives for even more. It is an undeniable fact that we humans can't accept something as just being a given, but rather endeavor to reach an understanding.

The result is a constant questioning of what we know. With  the "Light Upon" collection, I address this pursuit visually.

In our world, many things seem straightforward and apparent, but as we look out into the universe, we realize there is still so much that remains unknown, and the answers to our ceaseless questions become unreachable.

For my collection, I concentrated on exactly this aspect of the mysterious and inaccessible universe in contrast to the modern, evolving possibilities of space travel; considering possibilities that seem impossible, like the moon landing once seemed, that may soon be our reality.

However, in "Light Upon" I endeavor to remind that there is more out there than what we know today, and it is important not to confuse the unknown with the impossible because the pursuit of unknown answers is human nature .


I had the opportunity to participate in the Frankfurt Style Award with the finished dress where it was awarded with a Special Award.