Knotted Tendency

In the 5th semester, VW offers to participate in a competition for the 40th anniversary of the VW Golf GTI.

"Knotted Tendency" is a collection inspired by the car industry and the question of its sustainability. It deals with the increase of efficiency expected due to globalization, changing patterns of mobility, and the waste resulting from constant innovation and the herewith associated loss of value.
 "Knotted Tendency" attempts to show that materials of the car production can be used in other ways and that discarded parts can be upcycled and used elsewhere.

The collection includes both, typical car materials such as seat belts, and new materials such as Alcantata, which is used for interior decoration in both cars and public transport, but also well-tried fabrics from the textile industry, such as fine woolen fabrics and cotton lining.
Different weave and macrame techniques express the complexity of mobility options. Both, different macrame knots, as well as diagonally arranged weaving techniques come to light. The crossovers or entanglements illustrate the mixture of the various possibilities.

The collection was awarded the 2nd place of the "VW Fashion Design Award".

In addition, the outfits were nominated for the “Kunstpreis Worpswede” and exhibited in different locations.