"Eclectic" is a sustainable women's wear, prêt-á-porter collection for the spring/summer season 2018.
In the collection, current social trends are picked up and it combines different artistic approaches, as well as the pursuit of a life with less consumption. In addition, it brings more sustainability into everyday life.

The inspirations for the collection were many influences, including a specific segment of scociety, which also makes up the target group.
These are people who are interested in culture, are consciously and ecologically aware and who participate in all kinds of changes and transgress conventions.

For the most part, "Eclectic" focuses on its two most fundamental interests, culture and the environment.

On the one hand, culture is influenced by variable modern artists such as Cassie Byrne, Kirra Jamisons and Marcello Velho, and on the other hand by old "masters" who are still regarded as important, such as Henri Matisse.
Another defining, recurring motif of the collection are faces. They represent the individuals of our society. Every person is special and has different interests, strengths and motivations. Despite everything, together we create a society and influence each other.
This pairs very well with the artworks of Boris Schmitz and Quibe, who specialize in so-called one-line-drawings.

In an effort to make a collection as sustainable as possible, upcycling has been combined with Zero-Waste-Pattern, using only certified or used materials.